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Benefits for Retailers

By mitigating fraud through real-time serialized authentication, retailers can now confidently redeem offers quickly and securely.

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Additional Digital Savings Content

Provides loyal shoppers additional digital savings content and retailer app engagement opportunities, while also encouraging new shopper visits.

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Faster Clearing & Settlement

Invoices created from data captured at POS, resulting in faster reimbursement, reduced chargebacks, adjustments, and costs. Also eliminates counterfeit acceptance.

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Digital, Paper, & eCommerce

Allows manufacturer coupons to be accepted not just in store, but online, too. One standard for multiple formats that simplify and enhance shopper engagement. 


Reduced Operational Costs

Reduces administrative and processing costs associated with the movement, settlement, and validation of AI (8110) paper coupons.  Eliminates family code maintenance costs.

Innovation made possible by the consensus of the industry

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Non Profit

Remains agnostic to the industry and stakeholders while being “industry managed” through the Board of Directors

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Open Market

Supports all contributors to the ecosystem, enabling innovation and product development for the coupon industry


No hardware

Simple connectivity through APIs rather than hardware. More cost effective and easier to implement



Secure, shared network that can support unlimited coupons, data, and instances to power today’s coupon campaigns

Trust Layer - Powered by Hedera


By using Hedera, The Coupon Bureau can bring its standardization and added efficiencies to the marketplace with transparency and trust. By allowing 3rd party validation and audit capabilities among authorized stakeholders, the industry will be able to have confidence in this centralized, agnostic solution.


AI (8112) Coupon Workflow

AI (8112) Coupon Workflow- White.png

Preparing for AI (8112) offers

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Get acquainted with AI (8112) offer data and process by reviewing the AI (8112) Coupon Data Specifications. 

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Prepare to accept AI (8112) offers:

  • Who clears your AI (8110) offers? Are they prepared to help you clear AI (8112) offers? 

  • Is your POS partner prepared to process AI (8112) offers? 


Sign up with The Coupon Bureau to begin setting up your account! Here you will be able to authorize your partners, set up your organization's brand and users, and more.

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