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Board of Governors

As a non-profit entity, oversight for The Coupon Bureau is provided by a Board of Governors. Company by-laws dictate the industry representation that comprises the Board. The Board's primary objective is to represent all key stakeholders in the couponing process in providing guidance and focus on the most critical issues facing the industry. The Board is also responsible for supporting The Coupon Bureau's mission into the future. 

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Staff, advisors, and board members shall:


  • Conduct honest and fair business and professional dealings with customers, vendors, and members of the coupon industry.

  • Promote practices and policies which reflect favorably upon the industry.

  • Seek no unfair advantage for any industry members.

  • Conduct business so as to attempt to reach agreeable solutions to controversies with other industry organizations and members.

  • Refrain from any activities that may be in conflict with the purposes of The Coupon Bureau.



Staff, advisors, and board members shall:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of federal and state antitrust laws and how they apply to the operations of The Coupon Bureau.


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