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Universal Positive Offer File

A centralized database of all distributed, serialized coupons available for redemption plus live connectivity for retailers to facilitate real-time validation. Enables mobile, e-commerce and single use paper coupons.

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The 3 New Components

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AI (8112)

  • New application identifier

  • Triggers different processing at POS

  • Identifies new type of coupon in settlement process

TCB_icons_Positive Offer File (8112 & 81

Positive Offer File

  • Centralized database of coupons

  • Real-time authentication

  • Reject fraudulent coupons



  • All stakeholders connect to Positive Offer File

  • Centralized single source of truth

  • Real-time data exchange

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AI (8112)

AI (8112) coupons are universal, single-use coupons validated in real-time through TCB’s Universal Positive Offer file. Although the initial version of the industry solution will be delivered via mobile, the AI (8112) coupon process and type is viable in any medium. 


Legacy Coupon WorkFlow

US Coupon Market - Current Work Flow (8110)

Legacy Coupon WorkFlow.png
Challenges With Legacy Coupon (8110)
  • Human readable data in the barcode

  • No single source of truth for coupon validity (Manufacturer Agent VS Clearinghouse)

  • No universal capability for real-time validation of coupon


New Coupon WorkFlow

US Coupon Market - New Work Flow (8112)

AI (8112) Coupon Workflow- White.png
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Single Use

Universal Single Use Coupons are serialized at the time of distribution, which allows manufacturers and providers to ensure that each coupon is only used once.

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Realtime Authentication

Retailers are connected through POS to the Universal Positive Offer File. In less than a nanosecond, the coupon presented by the consumer is authorized or declined at the POS with no intervention needed by the cashier. All authorized stakeholders will receive the data in realtime.

TCB_icons_GTIN Validation.png

GTIN Validation

GTIN validation allows manufacturers to ensure the coupon is redeemed for the intended purchase requirements. More accurate than the current family code process, manufacturers will see more effective campaign results.

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Neutral Universal Positive Offer File connecting the retail landscape creates a platform for innovation grounded in interoperable standards.


Cloud Based

All stakeholders can connect to the master offer file data that is housed in the Universal Positive Offer File. This data is available to any authorized partner as designated by the manufacturer. Connectivty is available through a dashboard or via API. 

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Universal Single Use Coupons are serialized at the time of distribution, which allows manufacturers and providers to ensure that each coupon is only used once. With realtime authorization of each coupon, and no human readable data, fraud mitigation is greatly enhanced in this new process.

What's Under The Hood?

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Ecommerce Enabled (New Feature)

Due to the acceleration of touchless and e-commerce adoption during the Covid-19 pandemic, TCB fast-tracked it’s e-commerce feature set and integration capabilities. All coupons are now compatible with e-commerce transactions via a shortcode that can be utilized by the consumer during checkout.

Dataflow Map

The Coupon Bureau provides a network of connectivity between all stakeholders in the coupon ecosystem.  This is critical to enable a single positive offer file to eliminate fraud and to enable the transactional tracking of mobile coupons. 

TCB_Dataflow Map.png
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