SigmaLedger Adds Support For AI (8112) In Addition to Existing AI (8110) Positive Offer File To Close The Door On Coupon Fraud In Both Paper And Digital

Although the multi-million dollar coupon processing industry is over a century old, it still faces issues with fraud and lack of transparency. The Coupon Bureau is looking to revolutionize the industry with its new universal digital coupon. Here’s how it works.

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The Coupon Bureau is giving consumer goods manufacturers and retailers more visibility into — and control over — their coupon events.

Hedera Hashgraph's HCS Allows for Real-Time Data Capture of Coupon Usage Across Multiple Parties in the Retail Ecosystem

Application Identifier (AI) (8112) is a new coupon application type that will enable a singular industry positive offer file for retailer agnostic mobile coupons.

The Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC) co-chairs, Mary Oster, Target and Jackie Broberg, General Mills announced the Single Source Vendor for Universal Digital Coupon Solution selection in a general session at the Industry Coupon Conference.

The new universal digital coupon aims to provide a standardized and secure mechanism for coupon distribution through a singular, centralized database of offers, supported with a decentralized public ledger, for use across paper, mobile or e-commerce.