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Benefits for Providers

Single-Use, serialized coupons, validated at GTIN levels, with realtime redemption reporting will allow for smarter, more effective campaigns.

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The Coupon Bureau brings to life the long-awaited promise of an industry standard and universal digital coupon, creating powerful opportunities for brands and retailers to provide a safe, secure, contactless and convenient customer experience through mobile wallets and beyond.

— Wes Biggs, CTO, Popwallet

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Centralized Authorization

Neutral Universal Positive Offer File connecting the retail landscape creates a platform for innovation grounded in interoperable standards.

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GTIN Validation

GTIN validation allows manufacturers to ensure the coupon is redeemed for the intended purchase requirements. More accurate than the current family code process, manufacturers will see more effective campaign results.

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Serialized, Single Use

Universal Single Use Coupons are serialized at the time of distribution, which allows manufacturers and providers to ensure that each coupon is only used once.

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Realtime Redemption Data

Transaction data related to coupon issuance and redemption are available to authorized stakeholders in realtime. Manufacturers can see where and when their coupons were redeemed, allowing for more efficient and effective campaign management.



For providers, this will enable innovative universal mobile delivery and redemption for manufacturer distributed coupons. Having a standardized, industry-wide process for real-time authorization of single-use coupons is an important advancement in order to support innovation and development. Consumers will benefit from app and wallet compatibility for convenient storage.

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Innovation made possible by the consensus of the industry

TCB_icons_Non Profit.png

Non Profit

Remains agnostic to the industry and stakeholders while being industry managed through the Board of Directors

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Open Market

Supports all contributors to the ecosystem, enabling innovation and product development for the coupon industry


No hardware

Simple connectivity through APIs rather than hardware. More cost effective and easier to implement



Secure, shared network that can support unlimited coupons, data, and instances to power today’s coupon campaigns


AI (8112) Coupon Workflow

AI (8112) Coupon Workflow- White.png

Preparing for AI (8112) offers

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Get acquainted with AI (8112) offer data and process by reviewing the AI (8112) Coupon Data Specifications. 

TCB_icons_coupon partners.png

Understand how your coupon partners will interact with your AI (8112) offers 

  • Who creates your AI (8110) offers? Are they prepared to help you create AI (8112) offers? 

  • Are your brands ready to leverage the new offer type?


Sign up with The Coupon Bureau to begin setting up your account! Here you will be able to connect to your brands and other relevant stakeholders.

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