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Test Offers with TCB Test Application

This article serves as an instruction guide for users looking to test a variety of offers. The TCB test application referenced in this article is for testing purposes only. It is meant to be used as a tool for developers. While all of the coupons displayed are populated with real product UPCs, these coupons are strictly for testing purposes only. 

The demo application is built using basic HTML, BootStrap CSS, Ajax, Jquery and Javascript. The application uses provider APIs of TCB from its try servers. The source code can be viewed for reference by right-clicking on the HTML page and viewing the source code. The application tries to showcase the flow for a customer/user who would be using an application built by the provider. The current demo application does not showcase user login and the application assumes a user context. All data is stored in browser memory which gets refreshed when the browser window is reloaded.

App Login

Click here to access the application. The application is currently pre-configured with a provider access key and secret key for convenience.


Redeeming coupons

Available coupon formats are individual coupon barcodes, fetch codes, and bundled coupon barcodes. 

Individual barcodes: 

  1. Clip a single coupon

  2. Click Redeem on that single coupon 

  3. Redeem through QR Code


Fetch code: 

  1. Clip a single coupon 

  2. Click Redeem on that single coupon 

  3. Click "Can't scan? Click here"


Bundled barcodes: 

  1. Clip multiple coupons 

  2. Click Select on multiple coupons 

  3. Click Bundle Selected Coupons


Error View

By clicking Error View at the top of the page, multiple coupons with different scenarios will be available, all purposefully built for unsuccessful redemptions. Each scenario is detailed below the coupon.

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