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Our 2021 Year In Review

Happy New Year!

2021 was a whirlwind of activity here at The Coupon Bureau! We’re feeling so grateful for all the industry support we have received.

Some highlights of our year:

News and coverage:

Registered CPGs:

  1. Coca Cola

  2. Kellogg's

  3. Procter & Gamble

  4. Kimberly Clark

  5. Georgia Pacific

  6. General Mills

  7. Perdue

  8. Organic Valley

  9. Conagra

  10. FGF Brands

  11. Chubby Snacks

  12. Nutpods

  13. Beech Nut

  14. Silverman Chips

  15. Better Body Foods

  16. Uptons Naturals

  17. Hope Foods

  18. Oceans Halo

New Accelerators

  1. Flooid

  2. Sigma

  3. Electrum

  4. Inmar

  5. ITRetail

  6. Sparkle CS

  7. Coupdog

  8. P97

  9. GK Software

  10. Blackhawk

New Distributors

  1. Vibes

  2. Electrum

  3. Vizer

  4. Valassis

  5. Qples (acquired by Fobi)

  6. SMS Promo

  7. Catalina

  8. Arrowhead

  9. Actv8me

  10. Mobeo Media

  11. SheerID

  12. Couwalla

  13. EversightLabs

  14. Social Nature

  15. Mindtree

  16. And a big thank you to our first distributors Rextrax and Popwallet

Ecommerce - Smartcommerce is leading our foray into ecommerce connectivity in 2022.

Paper - ACP/JICC industry committees have collectively decided to activate 8112 offers in paper format. Catalina and SMS Promo have announced product to support this effort. CStore pilot: Electrum recently launched our first live Cstore pilot with Coca Cola and Kellogg’s. Retailers included are Hotspot, Holiday, and Loop. For more information or to inquire about participating, contact

For 2022 we are working to support a coalition of large CPGs in their efforts to softlaunch in national retailers in Q1 and nationally in Q3. Retailer integrations to support this are underway.

For more information or to inquire about participating, register here.

From all of us at The Coupon Bureau…let's have a GREAT 2022!

P.S. We want to say a special thanks to all of our webinar participants in 2021!

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